We are a purpose full private equity encouraging start ups to grow and companies to turn profitable


Purpose full is the new sign of the times. Companies need to be aligned with the new post pandemic consumer in order to survive. Less is More, re-valuating craftmanship, proximity trade, omni-channel retail, home as a shelter, are redefining the way to think about success. We understand that start ups are the Ground Zero to develop the network towards a more sustainable economy. We enjoy the way, more than reaching the Summit. We are purpose full people helping other people to get money towards Independence.


Latin America's entrepreneurs hold untapped potential. Used to deal with uncertainty and ever changing conditions, we are able to develop flexible and out of the box ways to push this driving force. The local vision is the key to deeply understand a market. We’re inspired by the local visionaries who are unlocking the potential of their region. We know that no great business is created without courage and a bit of love for risk. And the way can be full of obstacles, so called ¨failures¨, not successfull tries.

Impact investing benefit society´s more vulnerable communities. We empower the people to do business in a sustainable, fair-play approach



We have been on the other side of the table, as founders of our own startups, and so we can offer our adquired expertise, and longer-term support, alongside growth finance. We can set criteria, outlining the types of investment opportunities that we consider feasible for each company.


We do funding for already existing businesses to help them expand.


We buy operating companies, make them profitable, and then sell. We fund the funding of purchases by management teams. We currently assembly a team for the purpose of the buyout, integrated or not by the existing team, to acquires a business from the current owners using equity finance from a private equity provider and debt finance from financial institutions.


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